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Cooker Hood Buying Guide

Here are the top 5 things you need to know when it comes to choosing your brand new cooker hood.

Cooker Hood Type

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes, luckily so do cooker hoods. We've got everything from chimney style models to extractors for islands.


Hoods that use extraction vent the air outside, so they need to be fitted with this in mind. They're a really efficient way of clearing the air


If you can't vent externally, then recirculation is for you. Air is passed through filters in the hood, before being sent back into the room. 

Extraction Rate

This is how quickly steam, smoke and cooking smells are removed. A higher rate is great if you have a large kitchen.

Extra Features

Look out for lights, speed settings, and noise levels. Little extras that make a big difference. We even have a model that rises from the worktop.

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Cooker Hoods Type Buying Guide

Cooker Hood Type

There are a number of different hood types to choose from. Chimney hoods are fitted against the wall. They come in a range of styles and can make quite an impact in the kitchen. Integrated hoods are designed to be built-in between units. For something slim and simple, canopy hoods are fitted on the underside of a unit and visors are attached to the wall. And, if you have an island, we have hoods for that too.

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As well as thinking about how your cooker hood will look, it’s also worth thinking about how it’s going to work. Extraction hoods filter the air then send it outside. 
They offer the most effective way to clear your kitchen of steam, smoke and smells. They need to be mounted on an external wall or at least somewhere where the ventilation hose can be connected to outside.

Cooker Hoods Extraction Recirculation Buying Guide
Cooker Hood Extraction Buying Guide


If you can't vent your cooker hood externally, choose to recirculate the air. Charcoal filters remove unwanted odours and smoke, before releasing the clean air back into your kitchen. One of the main benefits of choosing this method, is that it can be installed anywhere in your kitchen.

Extraction Rate

The job of a cooker hood is to remove hot air and cooking smells from the kitchen. The extraction rate determines how quickly this can be done. It’s recommended that your hood should be able to change the air in your kitchen around 12 times per hour. The larger the kitchen the higher the extraction rate you’ll need.

Extraction Rate, Cooker Hoods
Cooker Hoods Features Buying Guide

Extra Features

Every cooker hood comes with either one or two lights. You can use these to illuminate the surface as you prepare your meal or to keep an eye on hot pans. Cooker hoods can be quite loud, so look out for the best noise levels. The lower the decibels (dB) the less intrusive it will be. Most models also have a number or settings, giving you different speeds. Lower speeds will clear up steam when you’re boiling pasta. If you’re cooking a full fry up, opt for the highest setting to clear the air of grease. Also look out for the latest downdraft extractors. These are hidden within your worktop and rise up when you need them.

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